About the Two Dot Ranch

Jailhouse     The Two Dot Ranch is a 3500 acre ranch adjacent to the legendary YO Ranch and was at one time part of the original YO Ranch.  The YO Ranch sprang from a young man's dream and his single-minded determination. In 1852, at the age of 14, Charles A. Schreiner staked his first claim in the rugged country of the Edwards Plateau in the Texas hill country.  In the Civil War’s aftermath, Captain Schreiner, using Texas Longhorns as a foundation, began amassing an empire that included 566,000 acres of ranchland. In 1914, he divided his holdings among his eight children.

     When Charlie III took the reins on the YO in the early 1950s, he established a registry for Texas Longhorns and brought the legendary breed back from the brink of extinction. RanchlandsHe also introduced exotic wildlife to the ranchlands, and proved these animals could thrive outside their native homelands thereby creating another lucrative industry for Texas’ landowners; Texas Exotic Hunting!

     With our selection of exotic animals, it’s not uncommon here on the Two Dot Ranch to see over 25 species of animals in a day while participating in some of the best world class hunting of exotic and indigenous species available.  Explore our multiple facilities for a comfortable stay on the ranch.

     Your hosts look forward to sharing this special place with our friends. 

-Byron & Sandra Sadler